Be-IQ Hub

Be-IQ Hub is an Adviser facing FREE companion dashboard to our Profiler, App & API products. It simplifies and highlights the full spectrum of suitability and behavioural insights Be-IQ delivers and provides a rich and interactive way to better understand clients and the behaviours that drive them

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Be-IQ is leading the inevitable migration towards an ever more personal client service. One where the Adviser ‘knows’ and understands their client motivations at an emotional level. Some call it Behavioural Coaching. Some call it Adviser Alpha.  We call it good business sense. 

Be-IQ will be developing its consumer app to deliver meaningful behavioural insights that will form the basis of this future going forward. In the meantime any Adviser’s subscribing to the Be-IQ Hub takes the traditional “Know Your Client (KYC)” process to a whole new level.

With the Be-IQ App, advisers can understand what triggers a client to make good or bad decisions. Advisers can ask better questions, provide better direction, and build stronger connections and, for the first time, build close relationships that scale.

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