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Bringing behavioural insights and client engagement to suitability.

Our award winning Behavioural Risk Score is complemented by a fully configurable knowledge and experience module with ESG coming soon. All at a truly disruptive cost.



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Behavioural Risk Score (BRS)

Traditional psychometrics augmented with abstracted behavioural tests.

What you know + Nobel prize winning insight

The BRS combines the strengths of psychometric profiling with that of elements of Prospect Theory, the Nobel prize winning theory that is the basis of modern behavioural economics.

It augments a traditional profiling questionnaire with behavioural insights. How a client profiles with their behavioural propensity. This provides three broad data points; the clients self-assessed risk profile, their risk-behaviour when confronted with losses and their propensity to exit an investment early.

Who we think we are Vs who we are

70% of male drivers rate themself as better than average at driving. Less than 1% measure themselves as below average. It’s a powerful illustration of the gap between how we see ourselves and how we are. To bring this into the investment world, Be-IQ’s research reveals that when testing a population against how they see themselves around investment risk attitudes versus the decisions they make when confronted with an investment loss, 15% are three or more portfolio buckets apart!

Be-IQ profiler is the only risk profiling tool that reveals both which, in turn, powers a richer, more holistic conversation and a more appropriate risk level.

Pricing turned upside down.
Lowering costs

Be-IQ Profiler is typically 75% cheaper than the dominant risk profiling services available today. And we’re so confident of our product, we don’t see the need to lock you in!

  • checkNo lengthy contract lock-in
  • checkNo monthly-licensing fee
  • checkSimple "pay per use" charge.
  • checkFrom £2.50 +vat / client profile.
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Much more than just knowledge & experience

A deeper measure.
A fuller understanding

Knowledge and Experience can be the most powerful factor in a clients behaviour and over-confidence has been called the mother of all biases. Why is it then our industry seems to check this so lightly?

Be-IQ’s understanding module covers knowledge, experience and confidence and, when combined with our Behavioural Risk Score, can help identify vulnerable clients.

Tailored to your business.

The module is both dynamic and configurable. It will only test subjects to the lower of their understanding (one of five levels) or the level set by you. Even if all five levels are enabled, the average client will only answer 5 questions.

BeIQ’s Understanding module will be "suitable" for any service no matter how simple or complex the proposition. And, given engagement is baked in, can become a valuable part of digital campaigns.

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