Much more than
just another risk tool…

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Better consumer outcomes… really!

Different clients need different forms and frequency of support.
Be-IQ reveals the propensity of a client to diverge from their risk attitude when they’re anxious, and even those clients more likely to be influenced through media and peers rather than facts.

We enable client segmentation by their likely support need. 

Understand which clients might need more support and when. 

Enabling targeted contact for better client outcomes.

Holistic, more human, approach.

Be-IQ’s broader, more holistic, assessment of the client helps identify propensities which then inform the final risk level. Importantly the constituent measures are reported side by side.

These inputs, along with others, combine into the Behavioural Risk Score.
A single, holistic score that captures the underlying complexity of the human.

Digital and hybrid services can create business rules that are better tailored to the client whilst professional planners and advisers can view and discuss these insights with their clients, building trust as they work towards the right level of risk for a particular goal.

No longer a nice to have.

Many elements of the Be-IQ experience are gamified and all of it is interactive. Gamification is deployed with our behavioural modules because, as a huge body of independent academic study has shown, behavioural measures acquired using gamified assessments can reflect behaviours more accurately than questionnaires. It’s not hard to understand why.

Gamification and interaction reduces (profiling) fatigue, increases interest and so aids accuracy. To put a number on that, Be-IQ’s gamified behavioural modules average 95% consistency in user responses.

In short, gamification is as much about accuracy of data as it is a positive client experience. In today’s world, businesses not making engagement central to their online proposition will simply lose out to those that do.