Be-IQ's approach

Our Behavioural Risk Score (BRS) is the uniquely revealing solution for modern risk profiling. It employs gamification to augment a traditional questionnaire with behavioural measures. Gaining both more accurate behavioural insights and significantly greater engagement.

Crucially, the BRS recognises that loss aversion can become a dominant factor in a client’s risk appetite and highlights it accordingly.

Gamification allows us to test far more data points than a questionnaire can afford to do.  Boosting, instead of losing, engagement whilst improving the accuracy of the behavioural measures. 

The result is a personalised risk spectrum ranging from a subject's psychometric-driven risk profile at the higher end to their loss aversion-dominated appetite at the lower.  

A single visualisation that enables advisers and businesses to instantly see the inherent tension within a customer’s complex risk attitude and understand, at a glance, the degree the client’s risk appetite can change when they’re worried about losses. Like today.

In short The BRS visualises a client’s risk appetite when things are fine and how it can change when they are not. The BRS visualisation is a game changer in how businesses understand and relate to their customers.